Outdoor bowling for fun and fitness

A busy day at Balaia Bowling Club
Balaia Bowling Club welcomes both newcomers and experienced bowlers to join the existing members in their programme of league and competition bowling in Bowls Algarve, which could take them to clubs along the length of the Algarve, between Tavira and Burgau.
Outdoor bowling is a pleasant way of enjoying the beautiful surroundings offered at the different clubs, a great way of keeping fit and healthy, and offers the opportunity of engaging with many other competitive, yet friendly individuals.
Balaia Bowling Club is located at Balaia Golf Village on the Olhos d’Água road just out of Albufeira. The beautifully manicured green was opened last year and is already gaining a reputation as one of the best natural grass playing surfaces in the Algarve.
Bowling takes place throughout the year in both competitive and pure social forms. Friendly ‘roll-ups’ are held every Tuesday and Friday, commencing at 10am prompt in summer and 2pm in the cooler winter months, invariably lasting around two hours.
Various categories of membership are available, from a one-off full membership down to simple ‘pay and play’.
Coaching for beginners is freely available from senior members and it is stressed that age is no barrier and family units are most welcome.
282 354 028
By Stuart Greenwood