Our house was targetted

Dear Editor,

Since my last email to you (published in last week’s edition of the Algarve Resident, entitled ‘Raising the alarm’), recently our house was targeted again.

This time with my son asleep upstairs. A laptop, watch and another item stolen. He obviously was very, very shaken upon discovering this early in the morning. 

Needless to say, he is now flying home and we are considering our position in Portugal. 

He is an amateur golfer and did love Portugal, but now he is also reconsidering his programme and will probably have to winter train elsewhere along with many other golfers who are also leaving due to lack of security in the area.

Please can you get some sort of campaign going to keep the pressure on the authorities?

Christine Wilson, by email

Editor’s note: Dear Christine, Thank you for your email and for sharing with us your very unfortunate incident. As a newspaper, we put a certain amount of pressure on the authorities whenever we contact them to check information in our news articles. I am happy to say that our regular contact with the authorities has already produced results, as an increase in police presence on the streets recently was partly due to articles in the “English-language press in the region”, I was told by a police source.