Our bodies at work

ST. DOMINIC’S International School’s Year 3’s Unit of Inquiry was entitled ‘Our bodies at work’ and was an exciting and challenging opportunity for young children to become aware of what an amazing machine the human body is.

When the children started, they barely knew the names of the outer parts of the body, but, within five hard working weeks, they were almost as knowledgeable as doctors! They learned about the different systems within the body, the skeleton, muscles, brain and so on.

This year, the school was fortunate to have a visit from orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. João Moreira. He prepared a morning of activities for the children, where they were able to see for themselves all that they had been studying, with many hands-on activities.

The morning started with an introductory talk and was followed by the dissection of a small animal. Each child was provided with a plastic apron and rubber gloves to add to the excitement of the occasion. On the ‘operating table’, the children saw the dissection of a brain and learned what parts control the different areas of the body. This was an unforgettable experience for the children.