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OTA airport site in doubt

OTA HAS been described as an unsuitable site for the building of Portugal’s new international airport, according to a study carried out by the company responsible for the safety and efficiency of national airports.

Navegação Aérea de Portugal (NAV) announced last week that the study it carried out on the area around Ota identified a number of constraints and problems that would have to be resolved within the coming months if the project is to go ahead.

In a press conference, Alexandre Kuhl de Oliveira, who sits on the board of directors of NAV, admitted that the document had “thrown up certain problems that would have to be removed”.

Solutions needed

According to Oliveira, the study was handed to NAER Novo Aeroporto SA, the company that will eventually build the airport in February, and a commission would be set up this month to study and discuss the problems. The commission would have to present its findings within six months.

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