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“Os 2 da 33A” photography exhibition at Faro Museum

Two generations of photographers challenge their audience’s eye

Photographs by Brazilian artists Lucia Medeiros (b. 1952), and Vinicius Almada (b. 1982), are on display at Faro’s Municipal Museum from the 20th of August until the 16th of October.

The exhibition, called «os 2 da 33A» (the two of 33A – the number of the museum room the display is in), features photographs by «a man and a woman, two generations, two perspectives, two personalities, two different academic paths, different sensibilities and visions, two unique experiences reflected in the images they capture through their lenses».

The exhibition features an innovative and interactive characteristic designed to challenge the audience’s eye. As none of the photographs are identified with the author’s name, visitors are challenged to discover who the author of each image is. Once they have made up their mind, they can then mark their choice with a dash under each photograph.

The identity of each author will be revealed during the last week of the exhibition. Visitors are then invited to make a second visit to the museum to find out if they judged each image correctly.

By Alexandra Stilwell