Woman holding an invisible dental brace such as the ones they use at Vita Centro Clinics

Orthodontics at Vita Centro Clinics

Clínicas Vita Centro began operating in 2002. They are dedicated to dentistry in general, orthodontic appliances, removable and fixed prostheses, aesthetic treatments and, in particular, dental implants, teeth on the day.

The Lisbon Vita Centro Clinic is located in a privileged area at the city centre, between Areeiro and Alvalade, 20 minutes away from the airport. It has consultation rooms and imaging services including 3D radiography, radiological equipment that provides three-dimensional images.

Close to the city’s main hotels, it allows them to receive patients who visit them from various parts of the country and abroad. If you choose to use public transportation, you will find the Roma underground stop 100 metres away, buses, and the Areeiro/Rome train. Patients with their own car, have access to a car park right in front of the clinic’s facilities.

Transparent dental braces

Invisalign, invisible dental braces correct smile imperfections. They are made of thermoplastics using the latest technology. This is an innovative treatment, much sought after by children, young people and adults. It is the right treatment for those who deal with the public and prefer to be discreet, without having to explain why they need an orthodontic treatment. These braces are removable – they may be easily taken from the mouth by the patient – and although their constant use is mandatory for the success of the dental correction, it is possible to remove them, for example, to go to a special party.

They have quite a few advantages over other orthodontic treatments, as they are more discreet and require fewer check-ups. In this case, the appointments are much less frequent. In aesthetic terms, and because they are invisible, they do not interfere with appearance, unlike conventional ceramic or metal braces.

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