Ornamental fountains closed to save water

PORTIMÃO CÂMARA has taken the step of turning off ornamental fountains and drastically scaling down the watering of the borough’s parks and green spaces, in a concerted bid to save water.

In a move likely to be followed by more of the Algarve’s câmaras, Portimão council is taking a series of new measures to ensure the public water supply in light of the country’s extreme drought situation.

Many might say that the closing down of public fountains is long overdue, as they do appear to be a very popular feature in many of the region’s cities and towns, and much water can be saved by having them turned off temporarily.

In Portimão, the following fountains have now been shut down: those at Jardim 1° de Dezembro, Jardim Sárrea Prado, Rotunda Salgueiro Maia, Rotunda da Rocha and the water tunnel at Alameda da Praça da República.

The water saving measures also extend to the suspension of the watering of grass and flowerbeds at the Rotunda Simon Bolívar, the central reservation of the marina entrance road, the central reservation of V3 parts one and two and at the roundabout islands (first part of V3). Meanwhile, the watering of Portimão’s parks and green spaces is being carried out for less time and at longer intervals.

As well as carrying out these steps, Portimão Câmara also put several old boreholes back into operation at the beginning of July, in order to supply water from these underground sources and to make an emergency service available between the hours of 4pm and midnight. This allows a more efficient response should there be an interruption in the normal water supply.

During the month of June, there was a decrease of 12.8 per cent in the distribution of water and 30 per cent of water consumption in the borough is being maintained by using boreholes.