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Oral health – “The best defence is a good offence”

The best offence for your oral health is prevention, prevention and prevention.

How do we prevent oral problems of gum disease and decay? Simply by cleaning our teeth and gums well and controlling sugar intake.

Good oral hygiene is the basis for good teeth and gum health. Dentists can sound boring when they insist on brushing at least twice a day, with cleaning between the teeth, using dental floss or interdental brushes, but it is the best way to avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

We all know that dental treatments are expensive. With prevention, you become healthier and save some euros!

What most people do not understand is that the health of our mouth and teeth is related with our overall health. Our mouth is the entrance to our body, and we want a clean entrance. Why? Because as we eat/drink and want to ingest the nutrients, we will also be ingesting the rotten food and, by consequence, the bacteria which will be present.

The proliferation of “bad” bacteria will produce acid, which damages the enamel of your teeth, and calculus (hard plaque – bacteria and food debris) will start forming leading to gum inflammation and to loss of bone support (periodontal disease).

If the hard calculus is not removed by a dentist, the damage to the enamel will lead to caries, broken teeth, and tooth loss, resulting in the expense of fillings, root canal treatments, crowns, dentures or implants.

If you decide not to repair broken down teeth or replace missing teeth, you may end up with occlusion (bite) problems that can lead to all sorts of other complications, like headache, neckache, earache and jaw muscle ache. Also, gastric/digestive problems may occur because if we do not chew our food well, we will not digest our food properly.

Also, periodontal disease is related with the health of our cardiac system and there are more studies correlating the two problems.

Prevention is always better than cure, so brush your teeth, clean between your teeth, and visit your dentist regularly (every six to 12 months).

Here at Clínica Pacífico, we have a welcoming team to help you keep dentally fit. We only charge €25 for an adult consultation and €15 for children. Don’t wait, make your appointment, and start your route to oral health today!

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