Opus Arte – the shop with everything

news: Opus Arte – the shop with everything

Opus Arte is a family-run warehouse/shop best described as ‘the shop with everything’. It sells to other retail outlets, warehouses and interior decorators, as well as direct to the general public – and all at bargain basement prices.

The Opus Arte warehouse is owned by Ferreira da Silva and is strategically located at Vale Paraíso. The store, housed on two floors, stocks products for gardens and a wide variety of household goods and accoutrements, ranging from pottery, ceramics, including some with unusual Moroccan and Hebrew motifs, to bathroom and light fittings, crockery, incense sticks, air conditioners, rugs and herbal remedies.

In true bazaar-style, there is also food and drinks – ice creams, home-made bread, coffee and tea, an extensive range of dessert liqueurs and the cheapest cigarettes in town! Opus Arte also organises tourist excursions, hotel stays and car hire, and can even provide cheap-rate tickets to events and theme parks.

Opus Arte is remarkable for the extremely wide range of goods and services on offer – so whatever you’re after, why not call in and have a look around? Opus Arte, Vale Paraíso, Armazém 8G. Tel: 289 585 335.