Opta Dão white

It’s not often that I write about wines priced lower than €5; the reason being that although there are many perfectly palatable wines here in Portugal in the lower price range, they are mostly not worth writing about. But then, every now and again something impresses me, and I tend to keep an eye these days on anything new that appears on the market from the Dão region.
Priced at between €4.50 and €5 (I have seen it for sale in my local Intermarché and Baptista supermarkets), this is a lovely, light and fresh wine, pale yellow in colour with tropical fruit notes on the nose; an easy-drinking wine ideal for the summer.
Opta is distributed by Wine Emotions, so if in Carvoeiro, call into the Terroir wine bar and restaurant (which is part owned by Wine Emotions) and try a glass.
By PATRICK STUART [email protected]