Oprah, new Madeleine book and PJ

Dear Editor,

The book you are referring to, The Madeleine Investigation: Incompetence or Corruption? is published by someone very close to the McCanns. Right now they are high fiving each other on Oprah Winfrey’s forum because you have advertised it.

They are part of the now global con; please don’t encourage them by printing this garbage.

SUE CARRETT, by email

Editor’s note: Dear Sue, we have to remain unbiased and only report on the facts. The publication of this book is a fact.

Dear Editor,

I am amazed at how cruel people can be to each other. I have followed this case since the very first day and I have been determined that I would not be persuaded by other people’s opinions – it had to be about facts and evidence.

As time went on, I felt that the PJ Officer Amaral was not doing what common sense was telling me should be done! It was a very sloppy investigation, he was trying to convince people what he believed, not what the evidence was indicating. I would be very interested to see if his fellow officers respected him!

Maureen Woods, by email

Dear Editor,

I saw the Oprah show about Madeleine.Let me tell you Oprah was really dragging information out of those lifeless people.  I think because the disappearance of a child is such a delicate subject and because I do not think Oprah had all the details from the investigation, she did not push their buttons too hard!

Oprah is known for that. The show might have been news for the American audience but I did not find it interesting.

I was expecting some information from the McCanns that would make them more innocent and me less suspicious.

Angela Fonseca, by email