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Opposition to consulate closure

PLANS TO close the Portuguese consulate in Seville, Spain are “a colossal strategic error by the Portuguese government” says the leader of the social democrats (PSD) in the Algarve.

In a statement, Mendes Bota pleaded with the government not to abandon this important structure, which has become an important part of the country’s heritage abroad.

The consulate is in a prime location in the centre of the city and is testament to the strong alliance between Portugal and Spain.

Constructed by Portuguese workers in 1929, the Spanish government has waived any charges on the building until 2054, if the Portuguese government revitalise the building.

The consulate offers information and support to Portuguese and Brazilian citizens employed in Portugal. A number of key receptions have also been held there over the years.

The close ties between the Algarve and Andalusia is another reason the PSD in the Algarve are keen to keep the consulate open – the periods of the greatest economic growth in the Algarve coincide with those of Andalusia.

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