Opposition demands to know about future of Lagos GNR

‘Green’ political party Os Verdes (PEV) has asked the government if moving Lagos GNR station to Vila do Bispo would be financially viable as the costs of policing would rise in that municipality.

As the Algarve Resident reported last week, Lagos GNR station is currently located in an old convent in the city centre. The premises, in a poor state of disrepair, no longer meet the needs of the GNR force nor the public. However, despite alternatives offered by Lagos Câmara, such as a disused school in São João, the Ministry of Home Affairs suggested relocating the station to the neighbouring council.

The PEV parliamentary group is now saying that this proposal would, in fact, mean increased costs with policing in Lagos, and that public safety would be at risk.

PEV wants to know if the government truly intends to move forward with this idea and reminds the ministry about questions already submitted. One of them referred to the alternative premises offered by Lagos Câmara, which would be a cheaper solution, and why this option has been ignored.

The green party also said it was “astonished” to learn that the “oversized” GNR station for Vila do Bispo represented an investment of €1.3 million and questioned if this was public money well spent.