Opportunity for bowling tourists

On a recent visit to the region, hosted by the Clube Praia d’Oura resort, Gary Smith, Chief Executive of the World Bowls Organisation, expressed his belief that there is a massive opportunity for the Algarve to play host to the ever-growing number of bowlers looking to tour in the sunshine.

Smith pointed out that there are more active bowlers in the UK than there are golfers and expressed his belief that, given the impact that golf has made here on the Algarve, there is considerable scope for bowling operators to develop the increasing interest by offering tours. He commented that the combination of warm sunshine, good value and the renowned Portuguese hospitality could provide a package that offers a unique product to the bowling fraternity in the UK and around Europe.

Smith said he was “tremendously impressed” by the facilities in the Algarve and their locations, and could foresee a bright future for the development of the sport in the community. He expressed the hope that expat players would develop a scheme to coach and encourage Portuguese players to give the sport a higher profile, citing a recent Algarve Bowling League match he had participated in at the Alvor Green, which was recorded by a Portuguese television network. As part of his visit, Smith visited the bowling greens at Alvor, Parque de Floresta, Vilamoura and Tavira and held regular coaching clinics with his hosts Clube Praia d’Oura. He has promised to return to the Algarve and said he would “watch the expansion of this popular pastime with interest”. For more information on bowling in the Algarve, call Richard Hepburn, bowling manager at Clube Praia d’Oura in Albufeira, on 289 590 310.