Portuguese parliment
Joaquim Pinto Moreira, PSD, has said he is quite sure he has very little to do with anything in Operation Vortex but his home was searched today, and his personal computer and mobile phone are now in the possession of public prosecutors. Photo: MANUEL DE ALMEIDA/LUSA

Operation Vortex: new corruption probe involves PS and PSD

A new probe into allegations of corruption has seen PJ police today arrest the current mayor of Espinho (PS) and set its sights too on the former mayor (PSD) Joaquim Pinto Moreira, currently an MP leading the commission for Constitutional Revision. Operation Vortex is said to involve “various licencing projects” for large developments in Espinho, including hotels, valued at “tens of millions of euros”. Also arrested today has been the current head of Espinho municipality’s department of urbanism and the environment. Further details will come tomorrow.