Operation O-negative cites three doctors in latest searches into alleged blood plasma corruption

Over 50 PJ detectives backed by Public Ministry prosecutors and magistrates searched homes, offices and doctors’ surgeries today in the latest round of searches connected to the O-negative investigation into alleged corruption in the supply of blood plasma to State hospitals.

Three doctors were made arguidos.

Say reports all had “responsibilities” in the awarding of contracts under investigation. O-negative centres on millions allegedly made by Swiss company Octapharma – the same company that employed José Sócrates, after he left politics and before he was cited as an arguido in another high-profile case probing alleged multi-million corruption, Operation Marquês.

O-negative already has five other arguidos as a result of searches that went ahead in Lisbon, Porto and Switzerland in December last year.

At issue are crimes of corruption, both passive and active, say reports, as well as the receipt of undue advantage and money-laundering.

For now, none of the doctors made arguidos this morning have been named, though they are all said to be specialists in immunohematology.

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