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Opening the church doors


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A mixed group of interested people has been offered an introduction to basic Theology by Reverend Haynes Hubbard to meet on Thursday mornings either at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz or in the Chapel attached to the Vicarage.

The aim is to help both Christians and non-believers to understand more clearly the basics of our religion, its history and the nuts and bolts that have held it together for 2,000 years.

Based on a book called Café Theology, some of which will be read at each session, the idea is to have a frank and constructive exchange of views and beliefs guided and expanded upon by Father Haynes.

Over the years, some people have come to view the church as a bit of a closed shop attended by “the right sort of person” who, having been vetted at the church door, disappears inside on a Sunday morning with a few likeminded friends.

There is so much more to it than this.

Beginning after the Christmas festivities, it is hoped that people holding all shades of opinion may come along to listen, learn and exchange their views. By offering an introduction to basic theology, it is hoped we may better understand why we go to church, at the same time as helping others to know the reasons we take it seriously and to put their own points of view in.

Unless we discuss it we cannot share the faith that for many centuries has been an intrinsic part of western culture and blue print for a healthy society.

For further details please phone Reverend Haynes Hubbard at 282 789 660 or email [email protected], or [email protected]