Open up your heart 2004

news: Open up your heart 2004

By Bob Hughes

The team at Holmes Place health club organised a fitness event on the green in front of the Belém Tower recently. It proved to be an excellent way to get people exercising and raise money for a good cause – the Portuguese Heart Foundation.

Some 800 or more people of all ages, sizes and shapes got together on a sunny morning to work out their heart muscles and lungs. There were exercises for everyone, from Grandpa and Grandma to a three-year-old with a painted face working out with her mum. I am sure a good many people went home feeling a little more tired than when they arrived, a few grams or kilos lighter, but much fitter.

Sponsors, Nestlé Aquarel, kept everyone supplied with cool bottles of water as TV presenters, José Figueiras and Fernanda Freitas from the SIC TV show Ás 2 por 3, lent a hand to get people working out against the backdrop of the Belém Tower. The Brazilian dance routine certainly got the participants moving with some gyrating dance rhythms, arms flailing everywhere.

The Portuguese Heart Foundation’s travelling clinic was also on hand to test participants’ blood pressure, weight and height. The Holmes Place slogan is ‘one life – live it well’ – how true that is.