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Open for business

Members of the Junta da Freguesia of Praia da Luz, holding their annual Christmas dinner, were the first people to dine in the restaurant. Also attending was Lagos Câmara President, Júlio Barroso.

During a speech at the end of the meal, the president congratulated the staff on their fantastic effort in managing to successfully host the evening and on the fine food and atmosphere. Owner, Luc St. John Webb thanked all of the Fortaleza team, who he said “worked against all the odds and managed to overcome this terrible fire and reopen in time to welcome everyone for the festive season.”

With the restoration Luc took the opportunity to extend the kitchen and make improvements to the historic building.

Although signs of the fire are still present, the atmosphere has not been lost, if anything, the charred walls and smoky scent now add to the historic and mysterious aura of the Fortaleza da Luz.