Ooops! Judge shot in groin by PJ inspector during “self-defence” training

It couldn’t have turned out worse: a Lisbon judge was rushed to hospital on Sunday after being shot in the groin during a self-defence class at the national shooting range.

37-year-old Pedro Godinho is said to be in a stable condition at Almada’s Hospital Garcia Orta, where doctors have been described as “pondering” on whether or not they should operate, writes Correio da Manhã.

Godinho’s unintentional assailant appears to have been his instructor, PJ inspector António Sacadura.

Says CM, Sacadura booked the shooting range at the national academy in Corroios for his party of four judges and one official in the Naval reserve.

The group is “well known” and was given a slot even though the man in charge, José Silva Robalo, had considered not even opening for the day.

“I made them a special favour”, he told CM. But within an hour of sanctioning the visit, he was telephoned to be told the bad news.

During an exercise involving pairs, Sacadura had accidentally fired his Glock 9 mm handgun, hitting Godinho in the groin. It is not known from what range the shot was fired.

PJ police have since opened an inquiry, and questioned all involved, each one of which carries a valid firearms licence.

As CM adds, everything points to the incident having been a very unfortunate accident.

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