World Health Organisation
The World Health Organisation has been extremely slow in declaring an end to this 'global health emergency'... even two days ago, headlines were suggesting the pandemic "may never end, but it has become more manageable". The reality is that most people have moved on, and very few consider a 'rushed' vaccination that doesn't stop transmission, and doesn't stop people getting ill, is really that necessary

Only 8% of Madeirans take ‘seasonal’ Covid booster jab

With the World Health Organisation finally accepting that the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer unmanageable (“but may never end…”), Jornal de Madeira today reports that the “large part of the Madeiran population” has already started handling the health threat their own way. Just 8% of residents responded to the booster campaign, most of them aged between 70-70, says the paper. The region’s deputy health director Bruna Gouveia  is still appealing for people to ‘come forwards and be vaccinated’, citing the fact that ‘immunity against Covid-19 does not last’. But neither, it seems, does the public’s appetite for repeated vaccinations that neither stop people getting the illness, nor halt its transmission.