By Infosourcerer

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Those poor bankers

What with all the news of recession and banking collapse, spare a thought for the bankers. Like the directors of Lloyds Banking Group, recently bailed out by the British government, who have just asked for a pay rise. Their chief executive currently has a basic salary of £1.03 million, with a possible bonus of 225 per cent. Indeed, it must be hard trying to get by on just £2.3 million a year.

Of course these low-paid chaps must keep up with their colleagues, it’s only fair. Apparently there are 12 top bankers who together earned more than £1 billion in performance-related (sic) pay and shares in the run up to the credit crunch. The banks at which these guys were performing so well have subsequently collected more than £300 billion in losses, write downs and bailouts from shareholders and governments (aka you and me).

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Model 271

It all started at a press conference in Baghdad when a journalist threw his shoes at President Bush with a (translated) cry of “This is a farewell kiss, you dog. This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq.” The thrower, Muntadar al-Zaidi, is now in custody (amidst allegations of torture), while throughout the world this incident has become a cause célèbre. In Tikrit, Iraqis have erected a copper statue of the shoe and, on the day of President Obama’s inauguration,

there were Throw A Goodbye Shoe celebrations around the world. If you missed out, there’s a website ( where you too can Throw A Shoe – and finally, at a time when jobs are disappearing faster than a ducking president, the factory producing the shoe has taken on an extra 100 staff to cope with the vast increase in demand for Model 271 – now known simply as Bush Shoes.

The Zeitgeist movies

If you fancy spending an evening or two watching some absorbing documentaries, pop over to and download Zeitgeist: The Movie and the newly-released Zeitgeist: Addendum. Be prepared for some startling information and radical ideas which might well change your world view for ever, and a look at what could be the beginnings of a fairer world for all.

Burning desire

Finally this week, if you want a he-man odour that gets the chicks hot, Burger King is the place to go. Pick yourself up a bottle of their new cologne, Flame, that makes you smell like flame-broiled meat. Wine, roses and soulful, seductive tunes are at