Online water registration

Property owners are now able to register their water resources online at the Administração da Região Hidrográfica do Algarve (ARH), the regional water authority, website at www.arhalgarve.pt .

Following confusion last year regarding registration (see the Algarve Resident edition May 15) the deadline was extended by the ARH to May 31 and the new initiative is hoped to make the process even easier for people to complete.

To complete the process online, a user firstly is required to register onto the site then needs to input information about where the property is located and data about what sort of resource is being registered.

Finally, users can then attach all other necessary documentation including identification documents, maps (which can be obtained from Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth) and records to the application.

For further information about registering the water resources of a property, please visit www.arhalgarve.pt (only available in Portuguese) or call the ARH on 289 889 000.