Online petition supported by Resident readers

More than 600 people have signed an online petition organised by a resident of the Algarve calling for winter fuel payments to be made to all British pensioners living in the EU.

In a letter which was published in the Algarve Resident a month ago, Norman Walker of Moncarapacho sought support from readers for his petition on the official website of the Prime Minister’s Office in the UK,

In it, he said: “Those of us who left UK before the allowance started (in 1998) are currently excluded. This is arbitrary and unfair. Why does a pensioner who left in 1998 (or since) get it but one who left in 1997 (or before) not get it? To favour more recent expatriates in this way is illogical and discriminatory”.

Norman needed 200 signatories to prompt an official response – and has now told the Algarve Resident he actually received more than three times that number.

“I would like to thank the large number of your readers who signed my on-line petition to Gordon Brown for their support,” Norman said this week.

“When the petition closed on 22 February there were 604 signatures. So, it will definitely be considered and responded to in some way by the Prime Minister’s Office. I understand that all who signed will be e-mailed with the official response.”

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