Online auction selling easier than ever!

COMING THIS month is a new buying and selling opportunity in Portugal. Many readers will be familiar with the concept of auction selling on the internet and may even have visited and used such sites.

Up until now, there has not been an internet auction site dedicated to those living in Portugal and while other sites have not precluded those living in Portugal from using them, some of the transportation and delivery costs have been prohibitive.

The new exceptional site, soon to be officially launched, is available to buyers and sellers in four languages – English, Dutch, German and Portuguese.

Something special for

The Resident reader

The Resident has negotiated a special deal for its readers. Anyone wishing to list an item (or several items) for sale prior to the official launch in two weeks’ time should obtain further details by e-mailing [email protected]

You will receive information on how to access the site and, at the same time, will be offered a 250 euro free credit!

Don’t delay, e-mail: [email protected] now!