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Online airline tickets

EUROPEAN COMMISSIONERS are cracking down on internet airline ticket sales and demanding that a 30 point plan be adhered to by companies to comply with European laws.

Commissioner Meglena Kuneva said on Tuesday: “My message to the airline industry is very clear, full compliance with EU law is an obligation, not an option and the patience of consumers across the EU is wearing thin.”

More than 700 million airline tickets are sold over the internet in the EU and 60 per cent of websites with irregularities have already been addressed by the European Commission.

However, there is still much to do if internet companies are to fully comply with the consumer laws.

Areas that are being targeted by the EC include the provision of the correct language for users, clear details surrounding the number of tickets available at special prices and the final price, including all taxes, to be clearly displayed.

A report is to be issued in May 2009 detailing the success of law implementation within the industry with further suggestions on regulation expected to be included by the EC.