One week to go before Portimão’s powerboat comeback

It’s just one more week before the roar of powerboats returns to the Arade River in Portimão.

After a five-year break, the town will host the Grand Prix of Portugal, the third round of the F1H20 World Championship 2016, between next Friday and Sunday (July 29-31).
The event was last held in the Algarve in 2011. Now, it has been moved back to the region after “logistical issues” affected last year’s event in Porto.

But to guarantee the Arade is ready to host such a highly-anticipated event, the river had to underho around €200,000-worth of dredging work to remove 25,000sqm of sand from the riverbed.

The work is not yet completed, but the Sines and Algarve Port Administration (APS) apparently promised Portimão council that it would be finished by Saturday, according to national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Justifying the investment, the Ministry of the Sea said: “It is a relevant event for the region’s economy, and it places Portugal among the countries that are privileged enough to host big, international nautical competitions, which have a significant impact on the economy”.

Portimão council has also celebrated the return of the event, stressing it did not pay one cent to bring it back and instead is providing only “logistical support”.

Portimão was once one of the sport’s most popular venues for teams and drivers, having hosted 13 successful Grand Prix from 1999 to 2011.

The races were known for completely crowding the town’s riverside area.

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