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One stop solution with NJOYPORTUGAL

ALGARVE travel agency NJOYPORTUGAL prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of services, from an affordable shuttle bus transfer to and from Faro airport to a helicopter transfer when time is of the essence.

For cost conscious travellers needing to get to the airport, the shuttle service is an ideal alternative to the more costly taxi option.

“Our shuttle service can even be more cost effective than taking your own car to the Airport,” said Paulo Nascimento, Managing Director of NJOYPORTUGAL’s parent company PNConsulting Lda.

Seeking to offer an unparalleled variety of services to all, NJOYPORTUGAL also operates an exclusive VIP service, VIP Assist Transfer, where the client is met at the door of the aircraft and then immediately taken to a waiting car for transfer to their destination. The client’s luggage is then collected by NJOYPORTUGAL staff for direct dispatch.

And for those with a more generous budget, or for a special occasion, a helicopter transfer allows the enjoyment of a welcome drink on the terrace while your luggage arrives safely.

“There is now a helipad at Vila Joya, for example,” said Paulo Nascimento.

NJOYPORTUGAL is presently developing a state-of-the-art website where travellers will be able to log in and choose all the desired components of a trip to the Algarve, including accommodation, car hire, transfers, days out, event tickets and a myriad of other activities, in real time.

This service will also carry certain discounts for early booking, for example, and should be available through many sources including hotel desks and other accommodation providers.

NJOYPORTUGAL says it will soon be the ‘one stop’ solution to enjoying time in the Algarve.

PNConsulting Lda also operates an internet property agency,, which  carries one of the Algarve’s most diverse selections of properties, from affordable apartments to luxury villas in spectacular locations.

Between NJOYPORTUGAL and, PNConsulting Lda says it has the Algarve covered.

For more information, please visit or or call 282 405 290.