One sided article

Dear Editor, 

I found your article on Garry Mann (Algarve Resident, March 26 issue) to be one sided. It gave Mr Mann the platform to level accusations against the Portuguese without quoting any response from them.

If Mr Mann is innocent then it is important to use this case to expose flaws in the Portuguese legal system and to clear the name of Mr Mann.

However, it is rare that there is no smoke without fire. Your article makes no reference to Mr Mann’s history and to the events of the night he was arrested.

If he acted as a football hooligan then he deserves a rough ride. Those who bring violence to peaceful Portugal and tarnish the name of the British abroad deserve the full force of the law.

V. Cosgrove


Editor’s note: Dear V. Cosgrove. Thank you for your email. The purpose of the article on Garry Mann was not to bring new information about the case to light. It was an interview to highlight his legal campaign.