One-off venture

Dear Editor,

Having read a feature in the Algarve Resident (edition January 2), we would like to clarify our position with regard to the rescued donkeys, as we feel we have been misrepresented.

We are a small registered charity, run entirely by unpaid volunteers, and operate in the North Devon area. We collect sick, needy, injured and unwanted animals, ensuring they receive veterinary attention where needed and neutering if necessary, before re-homing them with suitable families.

In the case of wildlife we provide veterinary treatment and rest before releasing healthy wildlife back into their own habitat. We are not a sanctuary.

We have no association with Chris Mugleston except on this one-off occasion when we offered to rescue two donkeys on his next ‘donkey’ trip to Portugal.

We have, in fact, ended up financing the whole of his trip, amounting to almost £3,000, bringing back four donkeys and two mules. We have re-homed five of them, having had one mule die on the journey back to this country.

The five are now in fabulous homes where they are receiving much-needed dental, veterinary and shoeing treatment.

Because of our commitment to the people of North Devon we are dedicated to continue our work in this area.

The donkey rescue was always only intended as a one-off venture and at no time have we ever offered to hold fund-raising events for Goldra and the Refúgio dos Burros Sanctuary, nor had any contact with this Sanctuary.

Please pass on our best wishes to them and also wish them every success in the future.  We are only a small charity operating in a small part of England and have more than enough the cope with in our area. 

Mrs Jane Dennis-Smither,

Treasurer – NDAA, by email