One of first Covid-19 cases in Portugal pronounced ‘cured’

The good news of this otherwise fairly ‘bad news’ day is that one of the first people to test positive for Covid-19 in Portugal has been pronounced ‘cured’.

He has been without any symptoms of the virus for “some days now” and was discharged this afternoon.

From start to finish this patient’s battle has taken roughly two weeks.

As to the rest of today’s events, news outlets have concentrated on the number of cancellations of events and meetings; on the discussions surrounding what quarantine involves (trips to the beach being soundly condemned), on the number of doctors now in quarantine (more than 100) and the likelihood of very tough measures being announced in roughly two hours time (click here).

The issue of school closures swings back and forth with health chiefs doubtful that they are necessary, and teaching unions, parents associations and pupils insisting that they are.