One more week to the halfway mark

After rain overnight, Tuesday, November 26 dawned with ‘sea fret’ (foggy conditions). Some of the greens close to the sea were still in fog as the Cameron Cup games began, but conditions improved very rapidly and stayed dry thereafter.

Alvor took all six points from Tavira, as did Floresta from Albufeira; and Pedras won all six points from Valverde. Balaia were the resting team this week.

Floresta are building a very strong lead at the top of the Cameron Cup Table with 26 points, however they still have a rest game to come, and with Pedras chasing on 18 points, and Alvor on 13 points, it is still not over with two games to go.

An interesting week with both the Cameron Cup and the Super 10’s Competition – all clubs either won all the shots or lost all the shots.

Thursday, November 28, a beautiful sunny morning for the Super 10’s Competition saw Floresta win all eight points from Balaia; whilst Pedras did likewise to Albufeira as did Alvor to Tavira. Valverde were the resting team for this week.

This cements Pedras at the top of the Super 10’s Table with 34 points, Floresta are closing in on the top slot with 32 points, and Albufeira on 20 points.

Only one more week to the Christmas break for this competition, but that is only the first half of the season, so things could easily change.

It was a dull, cloudy morning for our penultimate Saturday League match on November 30. In League ‘A’, Floresta Foresters took all eight points from Valverde Vikings; Tavira Tigers won six points from Alvor Amigos who won two points; Pedras Panthers took all eight points from Alvor Rooks, as did Albufeira Cats from Balaia Pods.
Floresta Foresters are at the top of Table ‘A’ with 40 points, but Albufeira Cats are chasing closely behind on 38 points, and Tavira Tigers on 30 points.

In League ‘B’, Valverde Vulcans won six points from Floresta Rangers who won two points; Balaia Whalers won six points from Alvor Scorpions who won two points; whilst Valverde Vipers won six points from Floresta Huntsman who won two points. The resting team in this league was Alvor Greens.

Valverde Vulcans are securing a good position at the top of League ’B’ Table on 36 points, whilst team-mates Valverde Vipers are on 26 points and Floresta Huntsman on 20 points.