One hundred years of joy

A woman who has recently reached her 100th birthday has been a smoker and drinker for seventy years.

Lorna Gobey smoked her first cigar in 1940 and is still smoking twenty cigarettes a day now. She attributes her long life to her “joyful way of life” and said her family “wouldn’t dare” tell her to stop smoking.

She said:  “I like my smokes, a drop of whiskey and Guinness and I still love to play skittles. Perhaps it’s part of the reason I have lived for so long. I never thought I’d make it to one hundred, but I have. I’m quite amazed really.”

She lived through two world wars, three husbands and many governments, and rode a motorcycle until she was seventy.

Her son Bob Fisher said: “She smokes faster than the rest of us and still loves a drink. She loves bingo, playing a tune on the mouth organ and riding around town in cars.”