One disaster after another before magic happens

When the Algarveans Experimental Theatre was formed, 21 years ago, their very first production was the pantomime Puss in Boots. It was performed at the International School of the Algarve in Porches, in the gymnasium, and was a resounding success with full houses for each of the four performances.

Audiences happily sat on wooden benches, as the Algarve was starved of live theatre at that time, and everybody was just delighted to be seeing a taste of silly, very British comedy.

Now the Algarveans have expanded their repertoire whilst maintaining their traditional pantomime, although now performed in modern theatres with plush seating, air conditioning and top-of-the-range sound and lighting.

Members are asked each year to put themselves forward if they wish to direct a play or pantomime bringing fresh ideas along.

The committee never dictates what the play should be – it is the director’s choice – but does help find the team to work with the director so he has the best costumes, scenery, music and choreography the membership can provide.

The work involved, from choosing the play, auditioning the artists and technical team to getting the show on stage is taxing, with many sleepless nights, but also enormous fun and means bonding with a great group of enthusiastic people, all with one desire – to make this the best show ever.

Robinson Crusoe, this year’s choice, will be performed in the Cultural Centre in Lagos with director Trevor Herrington at its helm. When asked how it was going, this was his response: “At this stage, nothing but one disaster after another, but at the same time a lot of things are coming together. One minute I’m tearing my hair out with frustration and then suddenly the magic happens and everything falls into place. Sometimes I think I’m mad to do it, then I look at what we have achieved and could burst with pride.”

In other words, we can all look forward to another great pantomime full of corny jokes, songs and music, slapstick and acrobats.

Tickets, costing €10 for adults and €5 for students, are available to be booked now for performances on February 21, 22 and 23 at 8pm, with a matinee at 3pm on the 23rd.

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