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One dead, another injured after violent break-ins in Faro and Olhão

One elderly woman is dead and another seriously injured after violent break-ins in the Faro/ Olhão areas.

Police believe a couple of tourists – nationalities not revealed – narrowly escaped a similar attack.

The first break-in took place in the Baixa district of Faro and claimed the life of 82-year-old Delmira Miranda, a widow who lived alone in her ground floor dwelling on Rua da Barqueta.

Delmira’s body was only found on Sunday morning, but it is still unclear when she was killed.

Diário de Notícias describes a neighbour’s discovery of the front door ‘broken open’, ‘everything in a mess and lots of blood on the floor’.

An attack on two tourists on the same day is believed to be related to this incident which appears not to have any witnesses or clues to the attacker’s identity.

Investigators are also linking the break-in to an attack the day before in Olhão where a 95-year-old woman, living also in a ground-floor home, was “the victim of violent aggressions”.

The woman is interned in Faro Hospital in a serious condition, while the case is now in the hands of Faro’s judicial police (PJ), who have described the attacker as “a dangerous individual”.

Police are working on the theory that the suspect targets elderly people who may have jewellery and other valuables in their homes.