One dead and another missing in Lagoa explosion

UPDATE: An elderly foreign resident has been killed and another is still missing in a huge gas explosion that rocked the Caramujeira/Vale Rei area of Lagoa in the early hours of this morning.

Details of the residents are still being withheld, but they are believed to be two men in their 70s and 80s, from the UK and Luxembourg, who have lived at a property known locally as Quinta do Pavão, near Praia da Marinha, for the last 40 years.
Both are understood to have been ‘dedicated to the breeding of animals’.
The huge explosion took place at 7.40 on Monday morning and devastated the house, blowing debris at least 300 metres.
The horror was witnessed by a council official on his way to work, writes Sul Informação news site.
The blast was so strong it apparently blew in the windows of the house next door, and was felt within a radius of around 5 kilometres.
Rescue workers who rushed to the scene found the property ablaze and quickly located the first body. The other victim is thought to be still inside, and now that the flames have been controlled, investigators are looking for him.
We will bring more news as it develops.