One dead, 220 new cases, Rt down to 1 (on average): Portugal’s Monday bulletin

One death in the last 24-hours, 220 new cases, 547 ‘recoveries’ and the Rt number (nationally) down to 1, this is the ‘good news’ of Portugal’s Monday bulletin.

Further good news comes in the number of active cases (down by -328 cases) to 25,059.

Two immediate ‘buts’ spring to mind however: first these are results that come after a massively busy weekend of vaccinations, ie testing will not have been the priority.

Second, the number of people in hospital has risen for the second day running – and that’s not good, no matter what else might be happening.

Indeed, since Friday a total of +39 more people were admitted to hospitals with worsening symptoms of Covid-19, nine of them into intensive care.

These numbers nationally now stand at 454 in hospitals, 112 in intensive care.

As for ‘incidence levels’ on the mainland, these remain ‘well within the red-lines’ at just 68.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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