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One company to rule them all

This year’s big success story has undoubtedly been the continued rise of high-end AV specialists, Projectiondreams.

Not content with dominating the Home Cinema installation market in the Algarve, they have moved into the Satellite and Home security markets through cleverly created strategic partnerships.

Why would they do this? So that one company can provide a seamless service for these related areas and the client has only one number to call when needing anything. No more excuses from one company blaming another.

All the TVs in your house can view CCTV images, they can also independently show all the Premium channels through a single Sky subscription and, best of all, they have been installed and calibrated by people who have the highest AV qualifications, from THX and the ISF.  

This can all be tied together with programmed multi-remotes or iPad controlled Home Automation software, depending on your budget.  

At the very least, ask Projectiondreams for an estimate before accepting a quote from a lesser company, you will delighted by the response.

As for the Cinema side of the business, Projectiondreams have just completed the first themed Cinema in Portugal to great critical acclaim.

For more information, please contact Projectiondreams on 282 356 561 / 913 547 587, email [email protected] or book an appointment at their showroom in Lagoa. Alternatively, see their website for a glimpse of the magnificent Stargate project at