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On the lookout for radio ‘hams’

In a first time event for the Algarve, members the Royal British Legion (RBL) Portugal branch are planning to set up and operate a ‘Special Event Radio Station’ from a high location set upon a hillside near Monchique.

The event will take place this Sunday (July 1) to mark the RBL anniversary and members are in search of local radio ‘hams’ (amateur radio enthusiasts) to help out and assist on the air.

Hoping to contact other radio stations in the UK and worldwide, the on air show is being supported by newly recent Algarve resident, Peter Weaver, who  aims to raise the profile of the region by sending greetings from the Algarve to show that the RBL branch here is very much active in supporting the legion.

The RBL appeal to anyone who is able to assist in the event, through making small donations or sponsoring the station, and as the event will be funded solely by Peter, all donations and sponsorship received will go directly to the RBL Portugal branch.

If you are a licensed operator and interested in helping, or for more information, please contact Peter Weaver on: 939 484 065 or email on: [email protected].