news: OMG

By Guilherme Marques

Oh My God! Prepare to repeat that – a lot – if you are lucky enough to drive or own one of BMW’s finest. The M6 is a remarkable achievement.

Sometimes being a motor journalist is hard. Not only do you have to drive a 4.4 litre Twin-Turbo V8 BMW producing 560 horse power and carrying the nametag M6, but then they make you drive the Cabrio version as well.

In a country where the speed limit is 120kph, they clearly want you to lose your licence because, when you have at your disposal the firepower of that M-engineered masterpiece, you can do 120kph inside your garage barely scratching second gear.

The M6 is the latest offer from the M division at Munich and follows the latest trend of turbocharged engines replacing the old normally aspirated units, an element that was once the very definition of M.

You have got to love the engineers at BMW for making an engine that can average 9.9l/100km at the European Test Cycle and then thrill you at 28l/100km. Of course, if you drive sensibly you can still make 15l/100km and, if feeling anaesthetised, 13l/100km is possible, but then you had better sell this car and get a 640d with a very nice diesel engine.

Everything I have just written is valid both for the M6 Coupé and the M6 Cabrio. The Coupé is a better driver’s car but only when pushed to the limit, while the Cabrio is a fantastic thing to own on a beautiful summer day.

The two can also do the everyday driving thing with such ease you have to count their practicality as one of their main strengths. They are comfortable, extremely well made, and I mean really up there at the top of the market, and can carry four passengers as long as two of them are not too tall.

My two-year-old had lots of fun at the back, asking daddy for ‘more’ when I let the revs fall and then just stepped on the gas and pressed her into the child’s seat.

I already liked the M6, but that enormous engine made my daughter laugh, so now I love it. And everyone who drives will do too.