Olympic shooting gold medallist training in Algarve

English marksman Peter Wilson (pictured left), awarded a gold medal at the London Olympics 2012, has been practising at the Algarve shooting centre O Pinhal, located between Algoz and Pêra.

At last summer’s Olympic Games, he led Britain to glory by winning the gold medal in the category of double trap, scoring 188 out of a possible 200 hits. Wilson has been preparing his upcoming challenges at O Pinhal, proving the quality conditions of the centre.

After hosting the most important national shooting competition, the centre is now Wilson’s temporary home and is expecting to receive numerous other international competitions, athletes and teams. Rui Terra, the head of the shooting range, said: “O Pinhal is among the best shooting centres in the world and is equipped with six shooting ranges which can be used for any kind of variation of the sport, as well as a restaurant which can receive nearly 300 people, a hostel with six suites and a training centre for beginners.”