Olhão’s capsized dredger still stuck and now destroyed

It’s been over two months since a dredger capsized near Armona, Olhão, and not only have all attempts to remove it been unsuccessful but the boat has been destroyed by the recent bad weather.

Olhão port captain Nunes Ferreira says that storms have cracked the ship’s hull in three different spots and caused other irreparable damage, rendering the vessel useless.

Now, he says, the dredger’s owner will have to come up with a new plan for its removal.

The boat is currently stuck around 100 metres away from where it overturned on January 16 when it was carrying out a sand nourishment operation.

Maritime authorities created an exclusion zone around the vessel as it was deemed a danger to other boats.

The dredger’s owner has tried several times to bring it afloat, but all efforts have been unsuccessful thus far.