Olhão water tower “not at risk of collapsing”

Following rumours on social media that Olhão’s rundown water tower in Bairro 8 de Outubro was “about to burst” due to fissures in the structure, municipal company Ambiolhão has guaranteed that it is actually not in danger and is already undergoing repairs.

Concerns intensified when water leaks as well as several fissures in the structure started being noticed by citizens.

But Ambiolhão saysnone of these issues indicate that the tower is at “any risk of collapsing”.

In a statement sent to the press, it says that the structure is 70 years old and admits that both the structure and the pipework are all in desperate need of renovations, especially the water tank which is considered a priority.

A contract has been awarded to Hubel Indústria de Água e Obras Públicas, S.A., for the “remodeling of the hydraulic component of the reservoir”, and the replacement of pipes has already started, with an estimated cost of €74,000.

Ambiolhão does admit that the conditions of the water tower are deteriorating, with water seepage in some areas, but expert in structural engineering Carlos Martins, also a professor at University of the Algarve, has ensured that “the tank is not going to burst”.