Olhão vaccination centre ‘ready to open’

Olhão Council has set up a vaccination centre at the headquarters of local sports club ‘Os Olhanenses’ which will open “as soon as mass Covid-19 vaccinations begin in the borough”.

Says the council, the vaccination centre was set up in “record time” with the help of ACES health centre group and ARS Algarve health authority and will be able to vaccinate at least 400 people per day, with room to double capacity if needed.

On Wednesday (April 7), Olhão Mayor António Pina visited the vaccination centre which he said was created so that the “population of Olhão can be vaccinated as quickly as possible”.

Pina also urged local citizens to “not give up the opportunity of being vaccinated when they are called”.

“What’s important is that the vaccines arrive. It is fundamental for our community that we all get the vaccine. We are doing all we can to ensure the vaccination process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible,” he said.

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