Olhão to distribute 120,000 free reusable masks among population

Olhão Council has started distributing 120,000 free reusable masks among the population.

Each citizen aged 10 and over will be entitled to three masks, the council says.

The masks can be collected until July 3 between 1pm and 7pm at the following locations: municipal pools (Olhão), E.B. 2 and 3 José Carlos da Maia school and Grupo Etnográfico headquarters (Quelfes); Clube Oriental de Pechão (Pechão); E.B 2 and 3 António João Eusébio school (Moncarapacho); and Associação Recreativa Fuzetense (Fuzeta).

Citizens can collect their masks at any of the above-mentioned locations, even if they live in a different parish.

In order to make the distribution process easier, one person can pick up masks for their whole family, or even a neighbour in need. All that is needed are the identification cards of those due to receive their masks.

Foreign residents should present their ID cards as well as their proof of residence, the council adds.

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