Olhão develops plan for future of culture

Olhão develops plan for future of culture

A strategic plan for the future of culture in Olhão in the next 10 years is being developed by the local council.

Despite the “many activities carried out throughout the years”, the local authority says the time has come to understand what the local cultural scene is still missing.

“This strategic plan will allow us to better manage existing resources and carry out a market study to know what the population wants in terms of culture in order to meet their expectations,” says João Evaristo, local councillor in charge of culture.

The question that the council seeks to answer is “What cultural policy is wanted for Olhão in 2032?” The study is already underway and aims to identify existing cultural associations and groups, and cultural events, with the help of council workers, cultural representatives and citizens.

“This way, we will be able to make the most of existing cultural equipment, public or private, assess activities carried out by the council and get to know our audiences,” the councillor added.

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