Olhão calls on ministry to pay for school’s sports field

Olhão council and the Ministry of Education are at odds over who should finance the rebuilding of the outdoor sports pitch in the town’s João da Rosa school, which will cost around €45,000.

In a statement sent out to press, mayor António Pina says that “the council, the school’s board and students’ parents all agree that it should be the ministry paying for the work”.

If the council paid for the reconstruction, says the mayor, it would be run out of funds to carry out any other kind of improvement work at local schools for the next two years.

“It would be a very serious situation, and the schools would enter into a spiral of degradation,” Pina said.

“We will wait for the ministry’s good sense to carry out, as soon as possible, the reconstruction of the sports field which is of utmost importance to the students of the school,” he added.

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