Olhanense take on Italian flavour

By Chris Wright [email protected]

Igor Campedelli, 39, who made his money in real estate and tourism, heads the consortium that has taken control of Sporting Clube Olhanense Futebol SAD, holding 80% of the capital estimated to be in the region of €1 million.

Campedelli, the former president of AC Cesena (Italy) who held office for nearly six years until last April, took Cesena through two promotions to the top flight Serie A.

He will be Vice President, with the SAD leadership being in the hands of Olhanense President, Isidoro Sousa.

Miguel Pinho is another influential figure who will direct much of the football activity. Eight years as head of development at FC Porto, Pinho then undertook the same functions at AC Milan under the then club president Silvio Berlusconi.

The five-man board also includes Aldo Pecini, a renowned Italian soccer scout who has worked for Inter Milan, Lazio, Parma and Zenit St Petersburg (Russia), and entrepreneur Massimo Michelis, who has no known links to the world of football.

SC Olhanense Executive Council issued a statement thanking all those – investors, sponsors, advertisers and, most importantly, fans – who have supported the team through their recent troubled times, and confirmed that, “the club has delivered all the requirements which includes the necessary certificates of tax and social security. After the formation of the SAD (Limited Sports Company) last week, the new consortium proceeded immediately to obtain the respective certificates and it is widely known that there are no debts within the new constitution. Given the above, we have met the requirements and it is now time to prepare for the season ahead.”