Oldest dog in world: Bobi is 30 years old
What an achievement! But who has ever seen a Rafeiro do Alentejo looking like Bobi?

Oldest dog in world is Portuguese: Bobi is 30 years old

The oldest dog in the world, according to the latest information from the Guinness Book of Records, is 30-year-old Bobi who has lived a quiet life in the country with the Costa family, eating largely food for humans. Bobi is lucky to have made it: the Costa children had to hide him as a newborn as the family ‘had too many animals’, and the litter was due to be euthanised. Bobi was kept hidden for a while (hence his penchant for human food), before becoming the longest living pet in the Costa household. As reports explain, he is described as a Rafeiro do Alentejo, but he actually looks nothing like the breed…