Oldest dad in UK

Gerry Burks, 75, who has had a new son with his wife Dawn, 41, credited his love of bananas for his virility.

The couple, from Louth in Lincs, UK, also have another son, six-year old Daniel.

He told The Sun: “People might say things about my age, but I look after myself. I packed all the bad things up in the mid-80s when my first marriage broke down. I eat lots of bananas and always have done, sometimes a couple per day.” He has three other children from his first marriage, which ended in 1985.

Latest addition Ryan was born on March 12.

Gerry and Dawn married in 2002 after living next door to each other for a decade.

The world’s oldest father is Nanu Ram Jogi, from India, who had a child at 90.